Up until round 3 of qualifying it had been the Jorn Neumann show in 4WD mod buggy, however a bad first lap bobble saw Jared Tebo steam past with open track ahead of him, Neumann’s quest for a 3rd TQ fell by the wayside, however it was Ryan Cavalieri who would set the pace and looked likely for the TQ spot until lap 11 where he suffered a problem with his gear diffs where the right front dogbone popped out, ruining his run and costing him TQ let alone a half decent finish, Cavalieri’s demise promoted Jared Tebo, who had been running about 1.5 sec slower pace.


Going into the last round of qualifying all eyes will be on Tebo to see whether the defending 2WD World Champion can unseat Jorn Neumann for TQ. After a slightly shaky start Dakotah Phend recovered to 3rd, whilst Mike Truhe in the bottom heat managed to end up 11th overall.

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1. Jared Tebo – 14/5:09.890
2. Ryan Maifield – 14/5:10.444
3. Dakotah Phend – 14/5:11.801
4. Ty Tessmann – 14/5:14.522
5. Billy Fischer – 14/5:15.904
6. Carson Wernimont – 14/5:16.362
7. Joern Neumann – 14/5:17.697
8. Steven Hartson – 14/5:18.577
9. Travis Amezcua – 14/5:19.011
10. Ryan Lutz – 14/5:19.306
11. mike truhe – 14/5:19.738
12. Dustin Evans – 14/5:20.187
13. Brent Thielke – 14/5:21.436
14. Ryan Cavalieri -14/5:22.867