Many of our eager readers and clued up fans have noticed the subtle ascendancy of the new platform – a new venture, concept, patnership and platform between Reno Savoya and Team Orion (not dissimilar to the concept but with engines rather than tyres! offers a new way of promoting and distributing the Team Orion brand and in close association with nitro engine guru Adrien Bertin, he explains the ideas behind the new website and shop below. Which sets out to offer a complete package ‘Team Pack‘ or ‘Top Team Pack‘ to racers, whether beginners or experienced that will see them comfortably through a whole season, including a free additional engine – all pre run in and tuned by Adrien Bertin himself.

The concept stretches out to work with existing shops as well as being available worldwide within 72 hours of ordering – Have a watch of the video which explains it all below!