Quick Review: AVID ‘Truss’ 1/8 buggy wheels.
By Stephen Bess

While considering the challenge that AVID RC faced when designing their new 1/8-scale buggy wheels, I emptied out my collection of cliches and settled on an old favorite: how does one re-invent the wheel?  It’s a difficult question, and while perhaps AVID hasn’t technically “reinvented” the buggy wheel, they have certainly given it a nice face lift with several unique features.

AVID doesn’t want you losing your nuts, and neither should you.

Designed to bring both aesthetic and practical updates to the buggy wheel market, the TRUSS wheel is so named for its internal ribs.  The ribs form a lattice work across the inside of the wheel, creating multiple triangle structures that AVID claims focuses the torque strength directly toward the wheel nut.  In other words, the TRUSS isn’t going to flex any more than is necessary no matter what the direction of force placed upon it.


We liked how the internal ribs aren’t so large that they cause interference with suspension arms or steering knuckles, nor do they collect excess mud or dirt (in spite of the increased surface area).  The wheel face is also dished and concave, which gives the wheel a unique look that’s unmistakable on the track, especially at night when lighting reflects off the dished surface.

AVID keeps the TRUSS current with rounded outer glue beads, rough-texture glue bead surfaces, and an angular-cut wheel nut area that promotes wheel nut grip.  AVID doesn’t want you losing your nuts, and neither should you.

Through the middle of the wheel surface, where the foam insert wraps around the wheel, you’ll find outer channels molded into the wheel called “foam grippers.”  These grippers prevent the insert from sliding left and right in corners under load, in theory offering a more predictable and secure cornering attitude for your vehicle.


I tested some yellow TRUSS wheels on my TLR 8ight 3.0 buggy at my local track, Hot Rod Hobbies, to see how they’d fare in our small “bull ring” of a track.  Because Hot Rod’s track is small and high speed with lots of tight corners, I was eager to see if I could feel a difference between a standard wheel and the AVID TRUSS.

I consider myself an expert-level club racer, though I am no pro, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I didn’t feel a huge difference between the TRUSS wheel and a standard competitor’s buggy wheel on the track, but I did feel like the wheels provided solid and secure handling, with no extra flex.

I also noticed all of the comments and questions from guys in the pits, as they leaned down and inspected the unique looking wheel.  After several club races, the tires I mounted were roasted, so I soaked the wheels in Acetone to dismount the rubber and inspect the wheel for damage from impacts and wrecks.  I found no cracks in the wheel, and the wheel surface itself remained nice and shiny.


At $16 per set of 4, the TRUSS wheels are great value.

AVID’s David Joor makes certain that his products are well supported and properly designed before they are released, and the TRUSS wheel seems like another success.

They’re available in both white and bright yellow, and can be purchased directly from AVID at www.avidrc.com or A Main Hobbies!