Miguel Matias wins Portuguese Nat Rd1

This past weekend saw the first ever Portuguese 1/10th off road national take place at the ACRP indoor track. With a total of 19 entries in 2WD and 27 for 4WD the carpet track featured a fast and flowing layout with a few tight corners, well designed jumps and plenty of entertainment. In 2WD it was Miguel Matias who totally dominated qualifying, TQ’ing the first three rounds. Despite a challenge from Ricardo Monteiro during the first final, Miguel also claimed the overall victory ahead of Ricardo Monteiro and Nuno Duraes who finished second and third respectively. 

4WD qualifying was a totally different game, Miguel also Tq’ed three rounds with a convincing pace, but this time Bruno Coelho was there to challenge him and Tq’ed one round placing himself on the second spot of the A main grid, just behind Miguel. That being said Miguel continued his domination by going on to secure the overall 4WD victory with Ricardo Monteiro and Nuno Rebelo rounding off the top three.