Yesterday morning as the annual Nuremberg toy fair kicked off in cold Germany, Taiwanese company SWorkz posted up a very teasing image on their Facebook profile, showing what looks like Atsushi Hara’s wing (and car) hidden under a cloth with the promise of

The Big news will be coming on 1st Feb“.
Even more tellingly, Sworkz Europe tagged two persons in that post – Atsushi Hara himself and A Main Hobbies’ team manager Marty Korn.

For some time now we’ve followed Hara’s rollercoaster car-testing rounds, the Japanese samurai even went so far as fuelling the fire by spoof signing for JQ Products as he tried ‘THE Car’, however the underlying theme throughout the ‘post HPI’ process has been the prominence of A Main Hobbies.

For some time we’ve known that Hara has visited and had discussions with one of the main factories in China, coupled with old rumours of A Main’s ambitions to produce their own car, that project never seemed to get off the ground entirely. Enter Sworkz and the puzzle begins to fall into place…

hara_Sworkz 1619420_582500011840365_1930400303_n (1)

Hara’s recent car of choice was Sworkz, since then things have gone quiet…

A Main is a close partner and distributor of SWORKz in N.America, even whilst attending the 1/10 Worlds in Chico in September, it was clear that the two companies had good relations, Marty Korn racing SWORKz’  robust 4WD 1/10 buggy, and if sources are to be believed that Hara will be racing as an ‘A Main Hobbies’ driver in 2014 and with A Main promoting the SWorkz car, he will be racing that in offroad, perhaps even going further with an A Main/Sworkz link up for a Hara brand of products.

Lastly Hara-san is in Germany at the moment, due to run the Yokomo branded ETS series, in fact he flew into Frankfurt airport yesterday, Nuremberg is about a two-hour drive from Frankfurt, might he make a cameo appearance on Monday at the Toy Fair?!

Watch this space.