Elliott Boots (20) – UK – Italian Job Race 2014

Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI3
Engine: Reds R5 Team Edition
Tyres: Pro-Line Holeshot M4
Fuel: VP Powermaster 25%
Radio & Servos: Sanwa exzes radio, KO RSX servos (currently testing them)
Notes: REDS engine debut, Q1 TQ, usually run a TCD diff in front, for this race they are not, diff oils 5/5/2 (37.5 oil in front shock, 27.5 oil in rear). Mentioned that the engine has a much better ‘feel’ to it, the work they did with Mario Rossi has improved their understanding a huge amount, also switched gearing from 14/48 to 13/46.

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