Luis wins Oeste 2nd Anniversary RaceThe second anniversary Oeste race took place recently at their fantastic indoor track in Portugal. Rodrigo Luis TQ’d each of the four qualifying rounds showing that the XB4 was the car to beat on this very technical, demanding and fast layout.

Not one to disappoint, after the first two A mains Rodrigo Luis secured the overall win with Joao Figueiredo and Nuno Duraes finishing second and third respectively. 

Top 10 Result :

  1. Rodrigo Luis
  2. Joao Figueiredo
  3. Nuno Duraes
  4. Ricardo Monteiro
  5. Pedro Dias
  6. Joao Ramos
  7. Rui Parrula
  8. Tiago Vieira
  9. Marco Timoteo
  10. Mario Ribeiro