Looking rather pleased with himself, Adrien Bertin post HPI warehouse break-in (disguise complete with t-shirt & edgy beanie) ? Looks like he walked out of the warehouse fairly unscathed with a D812 and an R10 – they really should beef up security at HPI Mat!

HB / HPI Racing is delighted to announce that Adrien Bertin has signed to Team HB / HPI and will bring his huge wealth of experience to our expanding race team. We are excited not only to be adding a winner of IFMAR World Championships in both nitro on road classes but also an ambassador for RC who has earned a high level of respect across the industry.  With Adrien joining our established team of top level drivers we eagerly await the start of the 2014 season and a bright future ahead for Team HB!

“I am really proud to join the HB / HPI Racing team and would like to thank  Tatsuro Watanabe and Hiroyuki Kasuya for the great welcome I received. Hot bodies is one of the few world champion brands to have a winning car in any class it attends and this is a great demonstration of their passion  and design experience.

I am happy to join this team to help in developing their recent  nitro on road racing car and make it successful on highest level .

Finally I would like to thanks Kenny and KM Racing for their support in 2013 .  See you at the track !”