Welcome to the world of 2014, still shiny, new and relatively untarnished aside from the customary New Year’s Day hangover, anyway that aside we’re now in a Worlds year for 1/8 Offroad. Thankfully memories of Argentina in 2012 have faded slightly and a cautious optimism surrounds the 15th 1/8 Buggy IFMAR Worlds which will be held in Messina, Italy on the island of Sicily at the Naxos World Track.

The first rumour we plan to address is the actual location, its not Messina, but rather a few kilometres south of Taormina, the Naxos track is 60km South of Messina, and north of Catania, Calling it ‘Taormina’ would be much more accurate! Track Location in Google Maps


As a destination, Messina won’t be the most internationally friendly destination we’ve had the pleasure of travelling to & unlikely to match the spectacle & grandeur that former hosts Buenos Aires or Pattaya offered, however the organising team led by the powerful Salvatore Schepis has laid out some very promising plans for the facility.

ifmar_champions_offroadAccording to sources the track in its current state has an unpopular concrete surface, according to the recently published ‘stage one report’ the track’s surface and layout will be completely changed and “closed from the moment its definitive layout is in place (Aprox. May 2014)”.

The removal of the traditional ‘warm up event’ is the result of industry pressure – viewed as an unnecessary expense with very little return on investment at the actual World Championship, not helped by the difficulties companies faced when importing material for the 2012 Warm up.

No World Championship driver will drive over the track at any moment since then until the IFMAR World Championship event takes place

A promising statement to ensure a level playing field come Worlds-time in September, however one wonders if there is a loophole for teammates not qualified for the Worlds to ‘test’ at the track… ?

That said, details of improvements to the facility look good on paper and we look forward to reporting on progress and completion in time for September.

The main news is that of Worlds practice commencing on Thursday 18th rather than the Saturday, bringing the event to 10 days in length, a minimum of 12 days counting travel days. That’s quite a long time to decide a World Champion for Radio Control Cars?

 See the Report here