BittyDesign partners with VRC PRO

With the launch of VRC Pro’s new 1:8 nitro buggy class, Virtual Racing Industries announces a new partnership with BittyDesign from Italy, a company with a strong background in the off-road market. A selection of the BittyDesign custom buggy paintjobs will be featured in the VRC-PRO, enabling racers from around the world to use the same body paintjob for their virtual and real buggy! VRC-Pro members can order custom T-shirts and hoodies directly in the BittyDesign shop and add VRC-PRO logo’s to their selection of favorite brands. Special BittyDesign products like custom setup boards, pit towels and their famous Stealth buggy wing will be part of the vast selection of products offered in VRC Pro. 

With this new partnership BittyDesign recognizes the growing interest of r/c racers to use VRC-PRO as a training tool to hone their racing skills and keep their reflexes sharp. BittyDesign will use VRC-PRO’s in-game promotion features to increase awareness for the BittyDesign brand and their unique line of customized casuals, bodies, wings and setup boards. The partnership between these two industry leading companies is expected to kick off by mid-December.