About 10 days or so ago… well ok, late November time, just before Xmas fever got turned up a notch or 3 Team Orion announced their Nitrostar programme to immediate intrigue and suspense amongst the online RC racing fraternity. Not content with preparing for the winter skiing season Swiss brand Team Orion are gearing up for a serious ‘go’ at this Nitrostar contest, the aim to try and unearth their new ‘star’ or even a future World Champion.

In today’s rather Star Wars-esque themed release, Orion’s nitro guru Adrien Bertin looms alongside his signature engine line like a moody Darth Vader, although we’d say Adrien might need to work on his ‘Vader voice’ in time for next season! So what to glean from this ? Well your guess is as good as ours, new distribution, engine line? Perhaps a byline into the movie biz with George Lucas ?! We’re thinking that the Orion team drivers could play the various parts…? We’re losing ourselves a bit on this one!

Either way, you’ll probably hear it first if you sign up for ‘Jedi training’ @