Tanner reports after winning his first outing with THEeCar… I recently attended the 2013 Gas Championship held at Thunder Alley R/C Raceway in Beaumont California. I ran both the Expert Buggy class and the E-buggy class which was my first time ever running. The race started out with one round of controlled practice for each class and then three qualifiers and mains on Sunday with all racing starting on a gate like motocross. In the practice rounds my E-buggy felt really good even though I had never ran it before.

Young Tanner Stees wins at Gas Champ

The buggy was pretty good as well but it was more of just trying to find the correct tire to run so that the car felt good. In the first qualifier of E-buggy I went out not really expecting much and came back with a second for the first run. In buggy I went out with the car feeling really good but had some engine problems and was down three laps. In the second round of E-buggy I went to a higher tooth pinion gear so I had some top end for the long straight away and made the car longer in the rear by pushing the hubs all the way back and actually got the TQ for the second round.

In buggy for second round I didn’t change anything to the car other than tyres and in the warm up the car felt really good but had some more bad luck with the start and the engine putting me to the very bottom of qualifying. Third round was alright for E-buggy I left the car alone but had a terrible start and got fourth overall for the third round. In buggy I had the correct tyres and set up and finally put in a decent run but I still had to start in the bottom of the B main. In E-buggy I still got TQ which was awesome.

Sunday was main day and also the last day of racing. The mains were double A Mains in nitro and triple A-Mains in electric. My first race was the buggy B-main where qualifying didn’t go as planned. I started ninth on the gate but ended up catching up to third and getting past third place at the end where I bumped to the A-main and would be eleventh overall in the A-main. In E-buggy I qualified first so I got first gate pick for the start but the first corner I destroyed by another car and ended up dead last but pushed my way up to third and then first and second both broke so I was in the lead and got the win. In buggy with both A1 and A2’s points I ended up ninth overall.

In A2 of E-buggy I felt really good and had a great battle with second place in the last lap but had a problem with him and ended up getting second for A2. In A3 the start was really bad for me and got pushed all the way to the back but made a charge from twelfth all the way to fourth. Overall I ended up winning the E-buggy class which I was really happy with because it was my first time running the E-car. I would like to thank JQ Products for the help and support, Gerardo, Jason and Chris Miller for all the help at the track and Chris Marrale for his setup and assistance.