A surprise tonight with qualifying done and dusted, a positive proactive move from the IFMAR – who’ve received their fair share of flack this event for ‘grey area’ produced heat listings and chaotic end to 2WD, they made the call early to run Q5 tonight in anticipation of bad weather tomorrow.


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Back to the action and yesterday the brutality of the track dominated the headlines, the track is still as tough on cars, only drivers have learnt a bit more how to deal with it and get their cars round… kinda – some teams better than others, with TLR and Kyosho both struggling in particular. The opposite seemingly true for Team Durango who have stormed three cars into the A main rather brilliantly.


A recap of quali, which saw two distinct storylines evolve – a fast starting Neumann who snapped up TQ in rounds 1 and 2 with distinct finesse, whilst Ryan Cavalieri began his ascendancy which worked… almost – missing out on TQ by 1/10th of a second in the end despite taking Q4 & Q5. Elsewhere Ty came good towards the end, taking top 3 finishes in the last three qualifiers, whilst Ryan Maifield starts 4th he could have TQ’d Q3 but binned it unfortunately into a cone on the last lap costing him, however 4th ain’t bad…

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The standouts for 4WD are Steven Hartson in P6, it could have been more after he took 2nd in Q2 but he hung on and deservedly makes the main, also Travis Amezcua, under the radar takes the penultimate starting position and Dakotah Phend scrapes in the new TLR 22-4 car in P10, sparing a few blushes for the TLR camp, its never easy debuting a new car, more so at an event like the Worlds, anyhow, they’vedone a bit better than Kyosho who will be scratching their heads a bit. Undoubted winners are AE and Durango each with three cars in the main, the rest of the field made up of individual manufacturers.

Tune in tomorrow as we see if a new World Champion in 4WD will be crowned or Jorn Neumann gets his revenge from 2011!