Update: Going into A3 it looks like we will have a new 4WD Champion, with 5 drivers still in with a chance: Naoto, Hartson, Tessmann, Neumann and Lutz

The second of the two A finals got underway to a palpable sense of tension and excitement after the surprise win of Steven Hartson in A1 somewhat shaking things up, proving to the finalists and racers watching that it wasn’t only about the top 3.

As the tone went, the grid got away to a much cleaner start than A1, freigt training for the first few corners, Cav had a minor bobble which gave Neumann a slight hint of a cushion, however a few corners later he was back up under Neumann’s black wing, Cav running the same rails as Neumann preparing to mount a challenge but it all went disastrously wrong on entry to the DTM section as Cav hit a bump that flicked up the rear and carried it round sending him spinning 180 degrees facing the wrong direction with 8 of the Worlds best drivers all about to crash into him, he attempted to get round and out of the way but was unfortunately collected side on by Ty Tessmann, Cav’s race was over and Maifield collected Tessmann ending his own race as well, somehow Tessmann survived two massive crashes in the pivotal moment melee – testament to how strong the D413 looks to be. As Cav limped off track Naoto moved into P2 with Lutz just behind him and Neumann outfront with a small gap.


As the laps clocked off Naoto appeared to have the speed and was closing in on Neumann until Jorn’s car hit a bump badly on entry to the triple double which sent the car tumbling but landing on all four, an improvised jump combo saw Naoto take the lead for a bout half a second before brilliantly Jorn took the triple as one and had the inside of the corner – game on. Naoto backed off a bit following Neumann until once again an issue, landing badly before the corner berm with a fishtail which saw Naoto sweep past requiring no further invitations to lead.

AT4_3179b AT4_3185 AT4_3194 AT4_3200

Immediately Naoto began to push more trying to build a gap, a further small bobble from Jorn saw Lutz catch up and add a bit of pressure on the top qualifier. Yet another disaster for Jorn as he tumbled after the triple double despite being rapidly marshalled Lutz flicked past for 2nd. With a minute and a half to go, Naoto had it in the bag, no mistakes and he’d win A2, Lutz attempted to mount a small challenge but with Neumann pressuring him there wasn’t really time to make any meaningful inroads into Naoto’s lead. Naoto taking a deserved A2 win.

1 Matsukura, Naoto – 12/5:26.088
2 Ryan Lutz – 12/5:27.644
3 Jorn Neumann – 11/5:00.286
4 Ty Tessmann – 11/5:04.752
5 Steven Hartson – 11/5:05.596
6 Dakotah Phend – 11/5:06.321
7 Travis Amezcua – 11/5:06.918
8 Lee Martin – 4/1:47.418
9 Ryan Cavalieri – 1/0:17.330
10 Ryan Maifield – 1/0:18.042