See Heat sheets (seeding order)

Practice day at the Worlds, good day for some bad for others, mixed for most. The big stories of the day through the 10 rounds of practice have been the brutality of the track – a combination of how high speed it is with the 4WD cars and the massive amount of grip that’s available, helped even more we saw as organisers laid down fresh heated sugar after racing was over tonight.


Good day for Jorn Neumann, a troublesome start to his practice ended with a high as the German ace looked hooked up, dialled in and on rails – all three at once. Jorn managed a very impressive 11/ 5:05.226 time the next closest were Brits Lee Martin and Neil Cragg, some 6-7 seconds behind the Durango speedster, Neumann also set the fastest lap of the day, to be honest ‘smoking the competition’ with a 27.166 lap and backing that up with a further 27.4 lap – enough to put him ontop, 4/10ths faster than Ryan Lutz. Interestingly Lutz had a less than great overall time, but threw together two 27.4 laps to great effect, slotting him in P2. A Team Durango 1,2 whitewash….


In P3, Ty Tessmann has his mojo back after a disappointing 2WD campaign which saw him just miss out on making the final, the D413 is looking like one of the strongest easiest to drive cars around the track, not so for the TLR boys who appear to be struggling with the combo of having a brand new car on a super high grip track, bucking that trend somewhat though is Mike Truhe in P9. In P4 a standout stunner from one of the Professional Facebook RC’ers – Tyler Vik. A Main Hobbies driver Tyler building his XRAY ride last night till 3 AM and setting a seeding time to impress. Elsewhere the Tamiya boys Lee Martin and Marc Rheinard look fast, Lee favouring the longer runs rather than a two-lap pace like Neil Cragg.

AT4_1260 AT4_1232 AT4_1193 AT4_1776

Bad day for 2WD Champion Jared Tebo, struggling with the brutal track conditions and finally capping a day to forget as a possible bad casing of the face of a jump looked to cause some issues, rendering him with a single lap for seeding, worse for Elliott Boots, the Brit breaking his car several times leaving him with zero laps for seeding. Cavalieri broke after a bad landing from the triple double on the back right side but managed to get 2 laps in prior to that leaving him in 24th. Similarly for Naoto despite a tyre coming loose, he managed a decent run.

One does wonder why 9 rounds of practice are run only for one round to ‘officially’ count as seeding – it does require the organisers to utilise the grey area of the rule book and common sense to bump up a few out of position pros.

Supposed Seeding order:

1. Jorn Neumann – 54.434
2. Ryan Lutz – 54.88
3. Ty Tessmann – 55.44
4. Tyler Vik – 55.45                    Like his Facebook Page!
5. Lee Martin – 55.57
6. Ryan Maifield – 55.71
7. Marc Rheinard – 55.83
8. Neil Cragg – 55.89
9. Mike Truhe – 55.95
10. Kody Numedahl – 56.021
11. Naoto Matsukura –  56.027
12. Eric Albano – 56.14
13. Barry Baker – 56.24
14. Steven Hartson – 56.32
15. Carson Wernimont – 56.36
16. Dustin Evans – 56.39
17. Travis Amezcua – 56.401
18. Billy Fischer – 56.461
19. Dakotah Phend – 56.488
20. Darren Bloomfield – 56.55