A2 rolled around not long after the commotion of A1 had subsided with feverish excitement and trepidation that a new World Champion might be crowned in 5 mins time. The grid got off to a good start with no huge dramas, Cavalieri pressuring A1 winner Tebo heavily, it wasn’t long before the top three of Tebo, Cav and Lee Martin had dropped the rest of the pack, with Ronnefalk into 4th, it should be noted that conditions from quali to now are completely different, the bite being described as several times higher than previously, not only do drivers have to contend with that but also with a slight wind situation resulting in the A finalists to opt for a safer double single line before the large berm.

AT4_0486 AT4_0501 AT4_0508 AT4_0474

Back on track with Cav knowing full well that he had to stop Tebo from winning to have any chance in forcing A3, closing up each lap as the lead trio entered the flat paperclip section, Tebo driving with expert tactics, placing his car exactly where he wanted it – ensuring that a pass was off the cards for Cav. 2 mins into the main and a massive moment for Cav as he saved a 90 degree whip over the table-triple, not so for Lee Martin just behind, who looked like he might have been distracted for a fleeting moment as the collective crowd gasped with amazement how Cav saved that… However disaster on the jump after, as Cav got out of jail he landed on the rear of his buggy sending it tumbling losing a bit of time, releasing Tebo somewhat into a 1.5 sec lead, Cav having it all to do.


A lap later disaster as Cav grip rolled in the paperclip section releasing Lee Martin and Maifield just getting past, however out front as chaos reigned behind Tebo distracted got an easy table top wrong and landed on the pipe which promoted Lee Martin. All of a sudden the crowd piped up as the prospect of a meaningful A3 final looked possible, however a mistake on landing the table-triple saw Lee lose his chance as he tangled with the orange corner cones, this saw Maifield promoted to 2nd  with only a lap to go, handed the title of ‘Tebo-catcher’ a title no driver to this point had managed to hold on to. Maifield sent his car up the inside to the 2nd last corner however brilliant smart driving from Jared Tebo giving Maifield enough space so as not to tag him saw the Top Qualifier successfully take the title and his 2nd World Championship 6 years after his 4WD win in Japan.

1 Jared Tebo – 11/5:13.523
2 Ryan Maifield – 11/5:13.777
3 Ryan Cavalieri – 11/5:14.966
4 Lee Martin – 11/5:15.353
5 Neil Cragg – 11/5:20.126
6 Dustin Evans – 11/5:21.992
7 Darren Bloomfield – 11/5:30.094
8 Kody Numedahl – 11/5:32.022
9 Naoto Matsukura – 10/5:01.651
10 David Ronnefalk – 10/5:05.380


AT4_0638 AT4_0614 AT4_0569 AT4_0548