As we counted down to the 2nd of the A Main practices and with big bad dark clouds bearing down over the track, IFMAR’s leadership disintegrated publically into farce as it was hurriedly (over the course of about 3mins) decided that the practice at 5:30 PM would actually count as the official A1 – leaving several drivers on the back foot with less than 5mins worth of notice.

Initially information supplied suggested that the new ‘A1’ would only count if it rained by 6:25 – the original start time of A1, after a minute, it was announced A1 would count regardless – not the finest moment in IFMAR’s recently chequered history but most likely the right call in getting at least one A final in the books, however given that it was supposed to be a practice who knows if some drivers went out there to test stuff but ended up running the most important race of the week in pretty uncertain circumstances. Big question marks as to why at least an additional 5 or 10mins could be included to settle the confusion.

AT4_0409 AT4_0406

The final itself was a lively one as Tebo lead away with Cavalieri snapping at his Pro-Line suburb rear tyres, a few bobbles from Tebo showed that the Top Qualifier felt some early pressure, traction rolled on the flat section and saw Cavalieri simply collect the accident, Cav’s woes continued as he collected the marshall’s foot as well putting him down in 4th, Lee Martin, Jared Tebo and Neil Cragg got past. Lee assumed the spotlight however in the same section as the previous lap Lee hooked the corner which allowed Jared past. A couple of laps later and Lee crashed infront of the drivers stand giving Tebo breathing room and Cragg into 2nd, it looked comfortable for Tebo now, however some hero laps from P10 on the grid Neil Cragg saw him close up on the last lap, and once again the flat ‘paperclip’ section providing the entertainment as Cragg made a last ditch corner attempt to dive down the inside without much success, tagging Tebo but not enough to derail his Championship hopes.

1 Jared Tebo 11/5:16.062
2 Neil Cragg 11/5:16.570
3 Lee Martin 11/5:19.604
4 Ryan Cavalieri 11/5:19.759
5 Dustin Evans 11/5:24.592
6 David Ronnefalk 11/5:29.088
7 Darren Bloomfield/5:00.910
8 Kody Numedahl 10/5:03.083
9 Naoto Matsukura 10/5:06.197
10 Ryan Maifield 4/1:57.563