The 3rd and final leg of A finals came around rather quickly and honestly caught the press room rather off guard as a result of the first A final moved forwards the other two were consequently fast forwarded as well. Ryan Cavalieri would lead them away with Lee Martin in hot pursuit pressuring the outgoing 2WD Champion with all of that he had, the pair running nose to tail for the first 4 laps, that was until an incident behind them prompted a crowd reaction, whilst Cavalieri was guiding his modified Centro buggy in the air over the table triple, the result was a bad landing which promoted Lee Martin into the lead and a 2sec gap whilst Cragg was running 3rd.

During his first lap leading Lee pulled a mirror move of Cav’s massive whip over the table-triple, the wind taking the buggy but Lee saving it just and keeping the lead to the soundtrack of a gasping crowd. With two mins left Maifield had moved up to 3rd after being dead last on lap 1, the Associated driver working his way up well. Cav continued to slowly reel in Lee, with time slowly ticking away, with a minute left Cav looked like he might end up with a last ditch attempt to reclaim P1, however on the final lap he was a bit too far back and attempted a half-hearted triple before the berm, landing on the jump top badly, not losing too much time but his concentration, a further crash as Lee crossed the line infront of the stand saw Maifield sneak by to claim 3rd in A to claim 3rd in A3 and snatch the last podium spot from his Associated team mate.

1 Lee Martin – 11/5:08.876
2 Ryan Maifield – 11/5:13.275
3 Ryan Cavalieri – 11/5:15.748
4 Dustin Evans – 11/:22.647
5 Darren Bloomfield – 11/5:25.838
6 Kody Numedahl – 11/5:29.231
7 David Ronnefalk – 10/5:00.357
8 Naoto Matsukura – 10/5:27.075
9 Neil Cragg – 4/1:48.972
10 Jared Tebo – 0/0.000