Jared Tebo claimed his 2nd World Championship title, a whole six years after his first in 4WD at the Worlds in Japan. Top qualifier Tebo endured pressure from several drivers but stylishly only needed A1 & A2 to do the job, you couldn’t write the script of Worlds Wednesday, the last 24 hours have been action-packed to say the least.


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Rewinding to Tuesday night, heavy rains flood the track, the track crew start work at 1-2AM clearing standing water and as racers slowly dropped in, everyone of them raising eyebrows as to the A Main Hobbies teams’ ability to get the track raceable. We get underway at 15:30 local time with a round of practice, a chance for drivers to have a 4 minute session on a track radically different to that of qualifying – now much higher bite and a different animal, grip rolling and winds one of the major factors to contend with.


As the end of practice finished up, huge dark clouds loom on the horizon, after yesterday’s lessons, IFMAR acted very quickly, rashly even – hurriedly announcing that what was to be the 2nd A final practice, would actually serve as ‘A1’, in order to get at least one final in the books should the heavens open. All this with about 3mins warning, however it descended into farce as the call came through that ‘A1’ wouldn’t count if we got to the real ‘A1’ on the schedule and it hadn’t rained… as we wrote in our A1 report, not the finest moment for the troubled Worldwide governing body IFMAR, after a chequered last 12 months including the well-publicized issues at the Argentina 1/8th Worlds.

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Through the two A finals, Tebo held his nerve, never doubting his speed and using smart tactics to ensure he was P1 after the 5 min sessions, pushed hard by driver after driver that simply couldn’t derail Tebo’s Title challenge. A worthy winner and a popular winner, not least from his young family Megan & Rosalynn watching and cheering on their man trackside. We would like to offer Jared & his family huge congratulations on the achievement as well as Lee & Ryan for their podium finishes and to those who didn’t quite achieve what they wanted out of 2WD, there’s a day off to recharge and perhaps a (late) evening of fun and Chico nightlife to look forward to, one things certain that Kevin Jelich and his team laid on a great track from start to finish, practically bringing it back from dead after the punishment mother nature unleashed. Jared Tebo, our new 2WD IFMAR World Champion.