Recently Joseph Quagraine has departed from his trusted THE Engine, and started racing a REDS Racing R5T. The decision has been made to put THE Engine on hold, and not produce any more batches after the current one is sold out. The idea was to team up with an engine company, in order to make sure that the JQ Team has the best equipment for racing, both now and in the future. As a car company, we are not the right people to develop engines, this is where REDS comes in.

After testing the REDS engine at the NeoRace, Italian Job, and RCX Challenge in South Africa, JQ was very happy with the performance of the engine itself, as well as the support provided by REDS Racing. As a result, the deal was made, and JQ, along with a number of JQ Team drivers will begin using the REDS Engines around the world.


JQ & Sunglasses ??? It just don’t work…

Statement by REDS: REDS Racing is pleased to welcome  the Finnish Champion Joseph Quagraine to REDS Racing Buggy team. Joseph will be running with REDS Racing engines for the racing season 2013-2014, we are very proud to have such a talented driver!!! Joseph has already shown great abilities  in both Neorace13 and Italian Job getting good results  in the main final. Furthermore,  Joseph has just TQed and won the RCX Challenge in Komatipoort, South Africa. We are really proud of this guy. Keep up the good work!!!

Statement by JQ: Big thank you to Mario and Marco Rossi for this opportunity. It has been a while since I have been sponsored, feels good HAHA! I hope to develop the engines further for best possible feel and runtime, and look forward to a successful future together.

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