Tekno RC's Buggy Conversion for SCT410Tekno RC continues to push the 1/8th Electric Buggy boundaries. Their SCT410 1/10th 4×4 SC truck is based on the EB48 however one of the things that they tested during development of the SCT410 was a super lightweight (Super Lite) 1/8th buggy with the lighter weight SCT parts. This resulted in a 1/8th electric buggy platform that was perfect for the current crop of Pro4 power systems and 2s LiPo packs.

They also follow the RC industry very closely and they’ve seen quite a few of their converted SCT410′s out there ripping it up in the 1/8th buggy class. After receiving many requests from customers to make the conversion easier they are now offering a complete conversion kit.

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The conversion kit (TKR5003) includes everything you need to convert the SCT410 4×4 SC truck into a 1/8th EB48 SL buggy. 17mm adapters, extended stub axles, wheel nuts, EB48 body, wing, wing mount, buggy radio tray, buggy battery tray, buggy bumper, rear mud guards, and all of the necessary hardware.

EB48 SL Conversion Kit includes the following parts:

  • TKR5010 – battery tray
  • TKR5011 – radio tray
  • TKR5018 – front bumper
  • TKR5026 – wing mount
  • TKR5033 – rear arm mud guards
  • TKR5037 – white wing
  • TKR5245 – body, window mask
  • TKR5247 – decal sheet
  • TKR5570-17 – 17mm buggy width adapters
  • Hardware includes – (4x) TKR1201, (2x) TKR1220, (2x) TKR1221, (1x) TKR1323, (2x) TKR1325, (4x) TKR1401, (1x) TKR1522, (8x) TKR1524, (2x) TKR1525, (5x) TKR1529
  • Instruction sheet

See: www.TeknoRC.com