JQ Products THE 100 – Take TwoEarlier this year, JQ Products started THE100 Program. THE100 is one of the most important pieces of their plan to create the best possible products, as well as the very best environment for you to enjoy this great hobby in. They got a lot of applications, but in the end ended up with only 15 people worldwide, in THE100, out of the possible one hundred. This was because they truly want to find their most trusted supporters, and also, because they knew that this year they would not have the resources to focus on starting the program with more members. And quite frankly, they barely managed at all!

However, now the time has come. Over the next few months, the biggest event will take place in JQ Product’s history, since the release of their first car, and now all of you have a second chance to join THE100! They will be accepting THE100 applications at the100(at)jq-products.com until the 31st of September. Please check the original release for more details here.

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