Procircuit Drivers talk about WE TyresAfter the release of the new Road Runner tyre where ProCircuit introduced the new but already successful World Edition “W.E.” version, they are now pleased to announce that the whole range of competition tyres are already available and build on this new version from ProCircuit.  The World Edition version is the culmination of over 3 years of work developing the ProCircuit tyres and it’s the version that helped them to achieve the first World title in the hands of Robert Batlle.

Since ProCircuit was born back in 2009, they have gradually shown remarkable improvements which they are very proud of, but this time rather than giving you the technical standpoint, they believe it is more appropriate and worthwhile to give you some of the team drivers’ thoughts about the new WE version.

Robert Batlle: “Modelix Racing tech department is doing a great job with the Procircuit tyres and the new World Edition version is the best evidence of their hard work. The main difference from previous version is that forward and side traction have substantially improved making the car feels smoother, less critical and much easier to driver, allowing you to drive much more confident and faster. Besides this, the wear rate is lower due to the entire width of the tyre running surface is in contact with the surface, making the tyres performs better on all different track conditions and surfaces.”

Yannick Aigoin: “Procircuit engineers and team drivers have worked continuously for years to improve the tires performance and make the customers happy. The Worlds Edition tires is what the Procircuit Team used at the last Worlds at Buenos Aires where we got some incredible results. Tire consumption has been decreased thanks to the new tires structure while the new insert have improved the overall grip. But the main thing is that besides all those improvements, the PC tires are keeping their main characteristic: easy to drive!”

Simon Willetts: “I am very happy with the WE version from Procircuit. I found that they give me more overall grip and made my car easier to drive. Since using the WE version I’ve found that we have been posting faster lap times and remain more consistent over the duration of the final.”

Adrian “Villu” Castro: “Traction, traction, and more traction. That is what the constant evolution of Procircuit gave me in the past years. With the incredible work of my dear friends Marc Ibars, leading designer, Robert Batlle as leading tester and developer, and the rest of Modelix team, PCT has become one of the most respected brand of tyres in the world, not only achieving a World Championship in 2012 but also many European and worldwide National Championships. They helped me get many of my National and International Victories but most of all they allowed me to be part of this incredible team. With the new Road Runner tyre, the lineup is now complete. All the surfaces and conditions have their correct tyre choice. Thank you PCT for allowing me be part of your team. See you all at the tracks!”