Last weekend it was time for Swedish 1/8 Nationals at the Botkyrka track in Stockholm, a clay/astroturf track that’s famous for its difficulty.

First day it was practice day and the most of the drivers had practiced on the track. David Ronnefalk and Christoffer Svensson who both only had been driving 1/10 after the Euros and never been on this track needed some laps to get comfortable with the car and setup, but at the end of the practice David was the fastest after the 3-laps reseeding runs. On the qualification day it was rain as the weather forecasts predicted, and that made the clay/astro turf track really slippery and hard to desire which tries to use. Marcus Sandberg was the man who opened the day by taking the first qualification round on the wet track. In the second round David who choose wrong tires in the first round got the pace and secured the win of the round.

While the rain continued to fall David ones again showed the speed and took the third round also. In the fourth round the rain had stopped and it was time for Christoffer to get into the TQ fight as he took the round. Just as the fifth round was running it once again started to rain and this time the track was really slippery, but the grip was enough for David to win the round and secure the TQ with Christoffer on the second place.

In the 30 minute Semi A it was a battle between David and Andreas Edvinsson until Andreas flamed and his race was over. David got a calm run and could focus to get a good time and chance for pole.

In the Semi B it was a Kyosho fight between Christoffer, Linus Thern and Mikael Johansson, and Christoffer was the man who passed the finish line first, but David got the pole position in the A-main.

The weather was really good after the rainy qualifications and it was time for the 60 minutes final. Kyosho who are strong in Sweden had 6 of 12 cars in the final, but on tire side AKA was completely dominating with 10 of 12 card running the AKA rubber.

The final started and David got a perfect start but a mistake on the 3rd lap made Christoffer and Linus to catch up and start the pursuit. David who was driving Orions RS engine that was the same type he drove at the Euros had one fuel stop less than Christoffer and this was an advantage as he also started to stretch out the lead with 10-15 seconds.

After 25 minutes driving the rain suddenly started again and the most of the drivers decided to change tires as the Soft/Medium compound on the wet track made it hard to drive.

David who only was pitting by Pierre had a long stop for changing the tires as he was alone and with this he lost the lead and went down to 5th place.


Linus didn´t change his tires and took over the lead with Christoffer chasing. Christoffer took over the lead as Linus had a hard time with his slippery car and after a while Marcus Sandberg also passed Linus and started the chase for the first spot. At the end of the final Marcus was really close to Christoffer but Christoffer managed to keep Marcus behind and won the Swedish Nats with less than 1 sec before Marcus.


Here are the Final day on youtube and the A-main starts at hour 8


The Result:


1.     Christoffer Svensson     Kyosho / OS / AKA

2.     Marcus Sandberg            Mugen / Alpha / AKA

3.     Mikael Johansson           Kyosho / OS / AKA

4.     Linus Thern                        Kyosho / nVision / AKA

5.     David Ronnefalk              Kyosho / Team Orion / AKA

6.     Roberts Gustafsson       JQ / Alpha / Beta

7.     Fredrik Peters                    Kyosho / OS / AKA

8.     Mikael Pålsson                 Kyosho / OS / AKA

9.     Henrik Nilsson                  Xray / nVision / Proline

10.                        David Hassel                     Serpent / OS / AKA

11.                        Michael Nilsson               Serpent / OS / AKA

12.                        Rickard Hellsten              Hong Nor / Ultimate / AKA