Update: We hear Hara is still planning on racing the FEMCA Championships in China this coming weekend and sources say that he’ll be running a Mugen MBX7 buggy at that event! Cue Speculation overdrive!

In news that will likely reverberate around the World, Atsushi Hara’s 13 year partnership with sponsors HPI / HB has come to an abrupt end. NeoBuggy caught up with the Japanese Samurai who gave us this exclusive statement on the news:

As of today, 16th August 2013, my contract with HPI Racing and association with the Hot Bodies Racing Team has come to an end.

HPI were my first sponsor, giving me my first contract as a professional RC driver back in 2001, although a 4-year extension was agreed in January of this year, HPI/HB and I agreed it was best to part ways and terminate the contract.

Over the last decade racing and representing HPI and the Hot Bodies Racing Team have been amazing, receiving fantastic support and assistance, working with some wonderful people and not least support from fans all over the world. I’d like to take this occasion to publically thank all those who were a part of it, they’ll be remembered and not forgotten.

For the time being, my future plans are undecided, I expect it will take some time before I figure out what’s best, but you haven’t seen the last of Hara! I would like to thank HPI and Hot Bodies Racing Team for their assistance up to this day and wish everyone to remain the same although we now take different roads.

Thank you very much
Professional RC Pro Driver Atsushi Hara

One wonders as to the viable racing future of HPI / HB, with Hara gone it leaves the brand with perhaps the hottest talent talent around – Ty Tessmann. Back in January, Ty committed to a one-year deal with HPI / HB and he goes into the 1/10 Worlds in a month’s time as one of the favourites for victory having dominated the Warm up as well as 4WD at the ROAR nats last week. Watch this space.

Some Hara Highlights & Hairstyles!

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