Team Orion continue to dominate the column inches, or if you prefer your references in metric… centimetres – this time a more straightforward product announcement with the release of a Limited Edition ‘RS’ – Ronnefalk – Savoya engine celebrating their dominating performance at the European Championships in Reims, France a month ago – taking home TQ, 1st and 2nd.

The 3 port CRF ABI engine is the same as the ones used in David Ronnefalk’s and Reno Savoya’s respective buggys, Orion horsepower propelling the pair to a tense last few laps battle during the dying minutes of the main final. Orion tell us that the engine is available now with a limited quantity of 100 pieces. So if you want one, contact your nearest supplier today!

Part # ORI80695 CRF RS Limited Edition ABI Combo (3.5cc buggy engine with pipe)
ORI80696 CRF RS Limited Edition ABI (3.5cc buggy engine)

Features: 3 Ports, 2.8HP, 36’000RPM, .21 3.5cc displacement, 16.2mm bore, 16.9mm stroke, 7x19x6mm Swiss front bearing, 14.2×25.3×6.3mm Ceramic rear bearing, Patented SG type CRF crankshaft, 2 needle aluminum carburetor, 350g weight

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pipe RS_Engine_2 RS_Engine_3 crankshaft_4