Nitro and electric 1/8-scale racers can expect an exciting and fun-filled race at Silver Dollar RC Raceway during A Main Hobbies’ Labor Day Shootout, August 30-September 1. Although the track has been run specifically for 1/10-scale the past few weeks for the ROAR Nationals, A Main Hobbies’ director of race events, Kevin Jelich, plans to put in an 1/8-scale layout with huge rhythm sections and flow nitro racers have come to expect. The massive Silver Dollar track will be completely utilized giving racers plenty of space to “stretch out” their race cars and sky over large jumps. Racers can sign-up online at There will be classes for eBuggy, eTruggy and 4WD SCT, so electric racers will also have a chance to compete over the holiday weekend.

Silver Dollar Annual Labor Day Shootout