Jared Tebo – no stranger to the majority of our loyal readership on NeoBuggy as one of the most dominant drivers in Offroad RC racing in recent history, just prior to the nats Jared dropped us a message that he’d started his own blog, a kind of behind the scenes look at the life of one of the elite RC Racers of our time. We repost Jared’s most recent post, having returned from Chico, CA with a national title in tow…

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‘Home Sweet Home’

The Nats are over. After the trophy presentation we stayed at the track for a few more hours to try to get my 2wd more comfortable. It was great to get more track time and try some things. I definitely got my feeling better at the end. Left the track around 8:45pm and have victory dinner at Chipotle. Alarm went off at 2:45am and we were off to Sacramento to catch our flights. My favorite part of my trips are next. Getting off the plane and being greeted by my amazing wife and daughter. Roz was super cute holding a sign for me.

After getting all my bags we were off to lunch. In KC we have awesome BBQ. My favorite is Oklahoma Joes, and it’s in a gas station. It’s AMAZING!!!!!!! We had about a 25 minute wait in line (normal for that place)

Lunch was awesome!!!!! Then it was finally off to the house. It felt great to get home and be with my family. I got my stuff unpacked and got to add my new truck to my office. I keep all my cars that win a national. I have 14 of my 15 cars used to win a national. I am missing a GT. I got all 4 mod trucks together. I think qualifying 2nd is good luck for me. Haha

– Jared Tebo

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