Team C TM4 WD Buggy Teaser

Photos & Article:
Team C Racing today released a first teaser photo of their upcoming TM4 4WD 1/10th buggy. The vehicle makes use of design cues introduced with the TM2 2WD buggy, a rear mounted shorty LiPo battery pack sees the addition of the motor and speed controller on the left side of the chassis while the steering servo is located in the front together with the receiver. The somewhat “rear heavy” weight distribution is something one or the other aftermarket manufactures is playing around with at the moment as it promises improved driving and jumping characteristics and a more agile handling. Looking at the rendering and the colours of the different material it seems that the buggy is based on an aluminium chassis with alloy centre bulkhead and suspension mounts as well as carbon fibre shock towers and upper deck. Other features include big bore shock absorbers, and 14mm wheel hex adapters. Continue reading here.