The pitlane chatterbox after the Euros has been awash with rumours concerning the future of Team Orion – even more so their nitro engine guru Adrien Bertin, who we heard split from the Swiss Kyosho-owned firm. According to our sources, strains between FDL – the Franco/European distribution arm of Kyosho and Team Orion saw pressures from Orion’s parent company Kyosho to oust Bertin from his position, perhaps linked to FDL’s engine of choice to sell being the Novarossi – a brand they distribute in France & UK, rather than Team Orion in those territories.

We hear that news filtered out in FDL’s distribution chain prior to the Euros of Bertin’s association with Team Orion coming to an end, although his presence at the Euros some weeks ago presiding over a memorable 1,2 finish from Ronnefalk & Savoya seems to have contradicted that somewhat.

We haven’t managed to get hold of Adrien yet for his official comment but have heard that as of August 1st he was no longer employed by Team Orion but still working on the CRF project – calling into question the high end racing marque’s future in the nitro engine market..