We’ve managed to badger team Ronnefalk in the time since their European triumph on the Champagne soiled chalk of Reims enough to handily provide us, and you with the 2013 Euros winning setup [PDF],or along with many others in our Setup sheet shop.

Click ‘More‘ to see a repost of our ‘Under the Hood’ feature of David’s car – along with some special building tips and tricks that David’s father & mechanic Pierre Ronnefalk has to MP9 owners.


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David Ronnefalk (17) – Sweden

Chassis: Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3
Engine: ORION CRF 321 FT
Tyres: AKA Handlebars Supersoft, EVO insert (pre-run tyres in final)
Fuel: Meccamo Squadra (25% Nitro)
Radio & Servos: KOProPo EX-10 Eurus, KO RSx Response (Steering), KO RSx Power (Throttle)
Sponsors: Kyosho, Orion, AKA, Ko Propo, Meccamo, Maugrafix, Takashima Design, Team Area51, GHEA, LMR, DCD, Heatit, Dialedinc.com, LiveRc.com, NeoBuggy.net
Notes: 2013 EFRA European Champion & Top Qualifier. Video of Qualifier Rd 5

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Tips and descriptions from David’s father and mechanic Pierre Ronnefalk.

1. Servos

David are using KOs RSx Power servo for gas/brake and Response for steering.
On the picture you can se that he use KOs steel bushings (option) to the RSx to fix then hard to the servo plate.
Servo saver are also tighten as much as possible so the only flex are the plastic arm on the servosaver it self, and that´s the reason we cant use the new alu servo sever as i guess it will damage the servo with this configuration.
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2. Front

As we use the alu caster it will be more power/flex on tha lower arm. One thing to make the arm stronger is to replace the lower hinge pin with “IS119-41” from the truggy to go thru the arm and locked by a nut.

Note that i dremel the lower shock pin flat on the upper side to easy know that i have turned the pin correct.

To prevent too much play on the ackerman i place a 8x10mm shim on the steel bushing before i put the bushing on the ackerman.

ric_1071 copia

3. Middle

ric_1067 copia
I have the fuel tubing on the same way Cody King have/had it. The holder for the Original fuel tube are from TLR.

We always use the ventilated brake disks IF415.

Normaly we have the transponder under the KO Switch, but at EC i putted it in where the standard switch are, just to make it possible to change it fast.

For pipe holder i use 3mm piano wire, and secure the pipe with a holder to the swaybar with the round part removed.

David always use the long white antenna that make it easy for me to find/see the car on the track fast.

Regarding stock vs front cab body we always have both to the race and rest them as different tracks uses different bodys.

For the rest it´s no special things. We use titanium screws on some places, and some other options are used on some cars, but not always.
One thing we try to use are the replacement chassi (hard) as we normal use the cars for long time we want to have the same feeling on the chassi all the time.