This past weekend saw the VP Powermaster event take place in Medan, Indonesia in which drivers from Medan, Tebing Tinggi and Jakarta attended the race which had 3 different classes with beginner, intermediate, and expert classes and best 3 of 4 qualifying rounds taken for each class. In the Expert class Patrix who just recently switched to run THE Car, surprised even himself with unprecedented TQ for him in all 4 rounds of qualifying and lapping a second quicker than everyone in qualifying rounds. A main final for expert was 60 minutes with Patrix leading the race from the start, on the first refueling his pitman accidentally splash some fuel on the pipe causing a flame out at the pit exit, after that he fought his way again from 3rd position and safely claim 1st position until the finish.

Patrix wins VP Powermaster Race

Asang and Edy St fought for 2ndposition with Faisal “Mr. Consistent” Ali stalking them closely behind. Unfortunately for Asang and Edy St, they had to retire from the race because of clutch problems and immediately Faisal Ali took 2nd place with safe distance from Edianto in 3rd position. Congratulation for the winners, especially for Rudy, Reeve, and Jason the winners in beginner class. Keep up the good work!


  1. Patrix H – JQ / Alpha /  Beta
  2. Faisal Ali – Mugen /  Reds /  Beta
  3. Edianto –  Kyosho /  OS /  AKA
  4. Devlin –  Mugen /  Alpha /  Beta
  5. Asang –  Mugen /  Reds /  Beta
  6. Jeffrey –  Kyosho /  Nova /  AKA
  7. Edy St –  Sworkz /  S-Powe r/  AKA
  8. Bun Bun –  Mugen /  Reds / AKA
  9. Hari S –  JQ/  Alpha /  Beta
  10. Reno –  Sworkz/  Alpha / AKA
  11. Redzwan –  Mugen/  S-Power / Beta
  12. Ahan Cs –  Mugen/  Reds / Beta
  13. Budi S –  Mugen / Alpha / Beta