The LiveRC team were able to sit down and chat with A Main Hobbies PR Coordinator, Jason Sams, regarding the upcoming IFMAR Offroad 1:10 World Championships to settle the rumors and answer the questions everyone has been anxious to ask… The IFMAR Offroad 1:10 World Championships is making its way back to America for 2013.

The host facility is none other than the infamous A Main Hobbies Silver Dollar Raceway. The world class facility features arguably one of the most elaborate drivers stands in country, not to mention an enormous racing surface. The “Pre-Worlds” event was recently held at Silver Dollar where racers were first greeted with a very loamy and loose racing surface. After much debate, the Silver Dollar Crew decided to sugar the track surface making for extremely high traction conditions.

A Main Hobbies talks IFMAR Worlds

LiveRC: What are the plans to maintain the track and traction throughout the event?

Jason: A Main Hobbies is willing and able to do whatever it takes to ensure that the surface is consistent throughout the race. I imagine we’ll mix sifted dirt and sugar water to create a “slurry fill” that will be used to repair any sections that break apart. We did this during the Pre-Worlds with great success and learned a lot from patching sections during that race. We also feel that water packing the surface significantly prior to the race will provide a better base that is less likely to break apart and need as much repair. We’ll add sugar as needed to the surface, but don’t plan to over do it. We used about 600-pounds of sugar for the Pre-Worlds and we’ll prep the track similarly.

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