ric_0545 copia

The Euros is a classic time for unveiling new bits and bobs and this year whilst news travels faster than it did back in the day, we can still see a few surprises every now and again, bringing us nicely to the new radio tray layout that the JQ team drivers are running which allows a choice of battery placement either forward or in the rear for traction and weight distribution. The next item is a co-operation between the Finnish company Alphaform – a leader in product making and 3D printing and a company JQ Products has worked closely with for a while now testing out new designs of plastic parts for example. The item here is a motocross style car stand – with a very trick 3D render of ‘THE Car’ suspended underneath, during our Euros photoshoot it attracted plenty of attention for it’s unique style, the level of detail on the small car is mightily impressive, be sure to have a look at the photos below!


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