The Value kit has arguably been one of the best selling offers JQ Products have had so far, this is why they have decided to extend this offer until July 30th*! Just to remind you THE Value kit added parts include:

JQ Products on A Main

JQ's Pre-Season Value Kit Offer Extended

  • New Wide Chassis
  • New Old School Ackermann Plate, (with required hardware)
  • New Throttle and Break Linkages (for wide chassis)
  • New Rear Brace (for wide chassis)
  • New Right Sideguard (for wide chassis)
  • The Pre Season Value Kit JQB578: YE + Option Parts Set
  • THE 2013 Option Parts Set JQS027: Just the Option Parts
  • All the parts will also be available individually during June!

PLEASE NOTE: The Value Kit, and the Option Sets do NOT include a new wide body. The YE body will not work as it is too narrow. Wide body part number is JQE#100.
*or as long as supplies last