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We’ve covered the development of Radiosistemi’s new 1/8 competition buggy over the last few months, finally at the Euro Contest in Italy the team behind it all unveiled their new challenger – the RR8 – named after driver and designer Riccardo Rabitti – developed in collaboration with Sebastien Leonard.

The biggest change is the dropping of the ‘Crono’ name – for decades the Crono buggys had a fearsome reputation – not the easiest to build but in the right hands, blindingly fast – as proven by its national titles in Italy, Brtain and Europe. A new era begins as Radiosistemi re-brands and launches the RR8, NeoBuggy has the exclusive photos and info on the new platform.

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All the plastics are brand new except the gearboxes that have been significantly modified,the rear arms now feature a toe-in adjustment directly on the upright pin. The front end is completely new as well as all the aluminium 7075 parts that confirm new geometries and a style to the buggy, hard anodized like the chassis, narrower than the previous one seen on the old Dual platform.

A new radio tray has been studied to let the driver choose where to place the batteries – front or rear configuration is possible using the same plastic box – together with the new servo saver that allows a better steering geometry keeping the weight close to the roll center, and now uses a classic ackermann plate that features three holes to adjust the steering link.

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Brand new shocks have also been designed, and feature an inner diameter of 15mm, hard anodised and threaded bodies to adjust the spring tension. One cool feature is the braking system, where the brake bias can be easily adjusted just turning a turnbuckle. Universal CVDs serve the whole transmission, and the active chassis stiffeners can be blocked by tightening one single screw in case of high bite tracks. We also spotted some brass weights to be applied to the front steering knuckle, and that will be available as option parts.

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