A new facility launched and a new champion crowned. Alvin Lam’s new 3StonePark hosted the third round of the Malaysian National’s this weekend. It was brewing as the biggest national’s event in Asia this year with drivers from Indonesia, Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, China and Taiwan all in attendance. Alvin and the team did a great job as they were putting the finishing touches on the facility as racers turned up and qualifying began. The track had looked great in pictures distributed during the week but racers knew they were going to be in for a challenging weekend as there had been no rain in the past couple of weeks and the surface was dry and dusty.

Felix Tan wins Malaysian Nat Rd3

With 160 entries the track was blown apart after practice. Locals had been getting in midweek runs and with the rest of the cars putting laps in it got destroyed. The track crew did patching but the scale of the problem was too great to begin to repair. Qualifying got underway and it was clear clean runs were impossible. TQ would be a battle between Zac Ryan (Kyosho/JConcepts/OS) and Jason Nugroho (Xray/Sweep/Novarossi) with each taking a round and Zac closing it out winning the final round. The Semis were 30 minutes long and they took casualties as the track proved too difficult for some. Zac won the A semi and local fast gun Felix Tan (Prospeed/KII/GO) took out semi B with a very controlled drive.

The 60-minute final was a battle of attrition. The drivers were dealing with a blown track, dust being blown up by wind and a thick smoke haze which had blown in from burning fires in Indonesia. With track conditions becoming more challenging ever lap the list of DNF’s was huge. Zac Ryan out early with a broken clutchbell, Andy Lee with car issues, Lai Kok Heng with a break, Adrian Wickasono with engine issues, Christian Jones with a broken receiver, David Lim with a broken HSN and Ben Panic with a cracked steering rod end. The track was brutal. It was a challenge to drive down the straight without cars flipping over.

Through all of this the lead changed many times and it was a fight between Felix Tan, Wenyi Li and Jason Nugroho for the win. In the end Felix drove a great race. Very controlled, like in his semi he managed to keep it on its wheels more than the rest of the drivers and took a well deserved win. The fight for second went down to the wire with Wenyi’s MBX7 edging out a fast and flying Jason.

The amateur class top 3 was Andy Tay, Apan and Didier Jarillot. In semi pro the top 3 was Kenny Chin, Mohd Aiman and Shah Johan. The weekend was a success and it was run to perfection. Race director Jonest really showed how to put together a program and run to it. He had heat setup out before the event started and a race schedule. The event ran to that schedule and drivers really appreciated the efficiency and way he ran the event. It was a great start to what will no doubt be a successful new facility for Alvin and the 3StonePark crew.
Report: Ben Panic