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Final starting order@ EURO Contest

1 Marco Baruffolo, 2 Alex Zanchettin, 3 Alessandro Stocco, 4 Davide Ongaro, 5 Federico Ruggeri. 6 Walter Floris, 7 Davide Tortorici, 8 Riccardo Perin, 9 Daniele Monzani, 10 Giovanni Del Prete, 11 Fabrizio Teghesi, 12 David Hassel

In the first of the two semis Alex Zanchettin took the win, after a great battle with Stocco and Ongaro who came second and third. Rabitti has been fighting with the three youngsters until a huge crash forced him to a sad retirement. Similar story for Teghesi, who was in the lead until a tyre came unglued and relegated him in 6th position. That promoted Ruggeri to a safe fourth spot, with Floris finishing fifth and gaining direct access to the final.

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The B final witnessed the fresh European B Champion Baruffolo cruising to victory, only challenged by Berton who though suffered battery issues and retired after only six minutes. Tortorici snatched the second spot from Perin who gains the final access to the final after starting from the eights early in the morning. In fourth came Monzani after a good race, while fifth spot – the last one useful to reach the main without passing through the LCQ – goes to Del Prete.

The LCQ saw swedish driver David Hassel fighting hard with Berton, Rabitti and Teghesi for the two top spots. After a nice 10 minutes race the Top Qualifier managed to gain the win and brought Hassel with him in the final.

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