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Round 3 TQ went to Alessandro Stocco, who manages to get the 200 points thanks to a 2 tenths lead on Riccardo Berton, debuting and performing quite well with the new Radiosistemi RR8. It was TLR Italy’s Floris to grab the third spot in the round, with Monzani right behind him.

In Q4 TLR’s Alex Zanchettin finally managed to complete a clear run and beat “Euro B Champ” Marco Baruffolo by less than 2 seconds, with Stocco in third and Teghesi fourth. At the end of the day the standings saw Tortorici and Teghesi tied on points, the latter gaining the overall TQ thanks to a better discard point. Behind them a pretty quick and consistent Stocco, who manages to keep Berton and Zanchettin behind him thanks to a 2 points lead.

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Top 16 as follows:

1 Fabrizio Teghesi
2 Davide Tortorici
3 Alessandro Stocco
4 Riccardo Berton
5 Alex Zanchettin
6 Marco Baruffolo
7 Walter Floris
8 Daniele Monzani
9 Davide Ongaro
10 Daniele Ribaldi
11 Federico Ruggeri
12 Nuno Casal Ribeiro
13 Mirko Bianchi
14 Giovanni Del Prete
15 Fabio Truppia
16 Scott Walker

The event went on featuring an amazing party where drivers, mechanics and friends crowded bittydesign hospitality, eating and enjoying some great music and suspect energy drinks…

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