The 2013 International Dirt Meeting took place this past weekend at the Hobbytech track located in Serres Greece. Drivers were greeted with a perfectly dry track for Saturdays 10 minute practice and 1 round of qualifying, followed by a further three rounds of qualifying and finals held on the Sunday. After qualifying it was Tortorici Davide (Mugen) who took pole position followed by Paparegas Tasos (Xray) and Makropoulos Thanos (Agama) in second and third respectively. However after the A final it was Makropoulos Thanos (Agama/Bullitt/Beta) who secured the overall victory ahead of Tortorici Davide (Mugen/Novarossi/VP-Pro) and Paparegas John (Xray/RB/Hotbodies). Congratulations!

Thanos wins International Dirt Meeting

Final A:

  1. Makropoulos Thanos (Agama/Bullitt/Beta)
  2. Tortorici Davide (Mugen/Novarossi/VP-Pro)
  3. Paparegas John (Xray/RB/Hotbodies)
  4. Nisiotis Dimitris (Mugen/RB/Aka)
  5. Peroyannakis John (Mugen/Novarossi/Proline)
  6. Tsigos Dimitris (HotBodies/Bullitt/HotBodies)
  7. Krastev Nikola (Serpent/Alpha/VP-Pro)
  8. Vutov Mario(Kyosho/GRP/Louise)
  9. Paparegas Tasos(Xray/RB/RB)
  10. Giannitsas Kostas (JQ/ JQ/Sigma Racing)

Thanos wins International Dirt Meeting

Final B:

  1. Sarvanidis Theodoros ( Mugen/Falcon/6Mik)
  2. Liaskos George(Xray/RB/HotBodies)
  3. Pagratis Kostas(Mugen/Sirio/Proline)
  4. Peric Alexander(Kyosho/Novarossi/Beta)
  5. Laskaris Theodoros(Xray/RB/Beta)
  6. Logarnes Dimitris(Agama/Bullitt/Beta)
  7. Mavromatis Kostas(Kyosho/Orion/Aka)
  8. Kalamakis Stefanos(Mugen/Novarossi/Beta)
  9. Floridis Stelios(HongNor/Orion/Sigma Racing)
  10. Stoichkov Grigor(Kyosho/AXE/Louise)
  11. Tsvetan Iliev(Kyosho/AXE/Louise)
  12. Vlachopoulos Tasos(HongNor/Falcon/6Mik)