Ty Tessmann, better known perhaps for his skill and ability in 1/8th completed a dominant Sunday at the 1/10 Pre-Worlds in Chico, CA taking double A1, A2 wins in both two and four wheeldrive classes, Tessmann won the first two A finals just ahead of the Associated duo Cavalieri & Cragg – both running the CML Centro mid-motor conversion due to the nature of the sugared high traction track, which had ironically started out with very little traction, some teams vocally protesting the decision to ‘sweeten the deal’. Tessmann completed the sweep with his 4WD win which he took in style, finishing a lap ahead of the field – Tebo running a prototype ZX6 in 4WD would finish 2nd twice only to see P2 go to Ryan Maifield – taking the win in A3. On the subject of the new Kyosho 4WD, we’re told by some sources it has an aluminium chassis, uses a shorty battery pack and gear diffs.