rbRB marked one of the landmark weekend’s in their history with an unprecedented multi product win at the European B Championships this weekend with team driver Marco Baruffolo guiding his RB One R buggy, powered by RB BXR engine  running RB tyres and RB fuel to victory – a moment of history. Few companies come close to competing at a high level across several different product platform but taking the win caps several years of hard work for the crew from Allevard, France.

Now onto their new tyre which Eric Aita showed us and Davide Ongaro used with great success to TQ overall, announced amidst a whirlwind of a victory – the ‘Cyclone‘ should be available over the summer pre-glued on white rims in medium, soft and super soft compounds. The tyre’s small square pin design lends itself to high speed tracks and performs well in bumps rutted sections especially.