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Marco Baruffolo will start on pole for the 45 min final here in Sacile, Italy – high profile casualties from the semis included Jeremy Pittet of Switzerland and high ranked qualifier Alberto Papa. In the first semi Oscar Baldo took the win with a hard fighting Davide Ongaro just behind him, the pair swapped positions a couple of times on track but a measured drive from Oscar Baldo saw him win that semi. In the 2nd semi, Baruffolo steamed into a lead that he never let go of.

At the time of writing with 7-8 mins to go until the final, rain is starting to slightly patter our wonderous press box rof, and soaking the track a bit…

Starting Grid
1. Marco Baruffolo – Italy
2. Oscar Baldo – Spain
3. Davide Ongaro – Italy
4. Alessandro Stocco – Italy
5. Jurgen Trieb – Austria
6. Alessandro Magi – Italy
7. Joao Lopes – Portugal
8. David Hassel – Sweden
9. Jimmy Weimann – France
10. Tony Trueman – UK
11. Robin Frischkopf – Switzerland
12. Erik Bottosso – Italy