Brent Thielke:
Had a good day at the Worlds Warm-Up…emphasis on warm. We’ve learned a lot as a team and have a few things to work on looking forward to the worlds. Tomorrow will be hectic with all the mains scheduled to happen between 8am and 1pm, including triple A-Mains for the Worlds classes.

Overall the track has held up well and is consistent from the first pack of the day to the last. It’s brutal on the equipment and with the high temperatures the electronics, drivers and turn marshalls are all tapped out. Big thanks to A-Main Hobbies for the steady steam of waters and Gatorade. It didn’t go unnoticed by all us racers.

David Ronnefalk:
Back at the hotel after 4 rounds of qualifying! Super hot day today 118F, 47C in the sun… Both my cars are really really good! Set a TQ run in round 3 of 4wd and 3rd in round 2 of 2wd. Had some more good runs going on but messed it up on the last laps.. Sitting 5th overall in 4wd for the mains tomorrow and 9th in 2wd. Hoped for a better starting position in both classes as I had the speed but then you can’t crash!! It will be alright for tomorrow! Have a really good feeling so I will try my best!


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Team Associated’s Steven Hartson was able to use a CML-converted B4.2 to take the TQ honors for the third round of qualifying at the Pre-Worlds. Hartson, whose always been fast has flown somewhat under the radar with his Associated teammates Cavalieri and Maifield getting most of the industry pub. Hartson and his teammate Cavalieri, who was also using a CML-converted B4.2 were the only top 10 2WD drivers to drop sub 24-second lap times. Cavalieri threw down a 23.630 and Hartson’s best was a 23.730.

Video: Brent Thielke

Traction has come up at A Main Hobbies’ Silver Dollar R/C Raceway with rubber being laid down now that thousands of laps have been logged. Since the entire track’s surface has been treated with a combination of sugar and water there is no more accumulation of dust. The drivers lap times have dropped a touch, while some struggle with the extreme conditions. Most of the top drivers have opted for mid-motor cars in 2WD, but Team Associated’s Ryan Maifield and a few others are still running what’s typical in the “states”— a rear-motor chassis configuration.

Two rounds of qualifying are in the books and Hot Bodies’ Ty Tessmann, who is running a Kyosho RB6 (mid-motor) top-qualified the first round. Team Associated’s Ryan Cavalieri top-qualified the second round of qualifying with a CML, mid-motor converted B4.2. Tessmann finished second in 2-wheel for the second round. Yokomo’s Naoto Matsukura has been atop the 4WD class in both practice and the first round of qualifying. Matsukura has also been one of the fastest drivers in 2-wheel, however he’s had a couple mistakes in his qualifying runs. Hot Bodies’ Ty Tessmann was again atop the field in round two of 4WD edging out Durango/A Main Hobbies’ driver Ryan Lutz.  Tessmann was flirting with a 14-lap run, but rolled over on the last lap coming off of the gigantic double, which cost him several seconds. Tessmann was also on a 14-lap pace in the first round of 4WD qualifying, but his motor over-heated in the triple-digit temps. Although Matsukura had some mistakes in round two of 4WD, he did claim the fastest single lap of 22.653, which was a couple tenths faster than the more consistent Tessmann.

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