Q2 and the same old story with young Mr Davide Ongaro once again showing everyone that he’s the undisputed king of his own backyard or rather field that we’re racing in. Ongaro set a time two seconds slower than his Q1 result and its hard to see how anyone could unseat him at the top unless he has issues, last year’s defending Champ Alesandro Magi rose to the occasion with a time 2 seconds shy of Ongaro, he celebrated the improvement over Q1 by inviting us to a lovely Italian ‘racing lunch’ consisting of a bit of red wine, some bread, cheeses and meats – very Euro! And sophisticated!

Standout performance of Q2 however goes to Swede David Hassel – perhaps hes one to… hassle Ongaro (apologies for terrible pun) as he claimed 2nd in the round, Oscar Baldo took P3 but missed out on 8 laps by 9/10ths, Martin Hansen once again backed up his Q1 credentials claiming 5th. Missing from the top in Q2 was Marco Baruffolo – the RB runner on a frantic pace but a flame out opposite the drivers stand cost him. This leaves Ongaro with two TQ’s and with half an eye on terrible weather expected tomorrow, sitting pretty at the top. If he nets another good result the shy youngster Ongaro should have TQ wrapped up early.

Q1 Standings | After Q2Saturday Photo Gallery

1. Davide ongaro
2. Alesssandro magi
3. David hassel
4. Oscar baldo
5. Robin Frischkopf
6. Martin Hansen
7. Giovanni del Prete
8. Robert Raphael
9. Andreas Scharinger
10. Cyrille Baldini