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Quaifying didn’t produce the biggest of surprises with Davide Ongaro claiming the top spot early on, although the rain arriving at 18:00 was not in the script, not only rain but HEAVY rain, the type of rain you get in Africa and in MTV videos with the word ‘rain’ in the title. Cue EFRA’s majestic Media man Mat McCallum and the montage!

So back to the nitro monsters with four wheels, Q3 TQ Marco Baruffolo suffered an engine stop after the curved double double, he then gave up on that round and practiced a pitstop ahead of the finals. We’ll update later once the overalls are posted and we’ve successfully navigated our way across the various lakes in the pits towards the mudbog carpark!

Top 44 below, no online overall…



EUR_6606 EUR_6617 EUR_6618 EUR_6619