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Round three and a change at the top, with Marco Baruffolo TQ’ing by 7/10ths over Davide Ongaro, it would have been Ongaro’s round if he hadn’t have been for two crashes at the start and one late on, despite this he laid a pretty astonishing 39.357 laptime, all of 2.7secs quicker than P2 in his heat, Alessandro Stocco’s fastest lap. Capitilising on Ongaro’s mishaps was Baruffolo as he edged the top spot with a very consistent run – overcoming his Q2 problem. Once again both running the ADS system by RB, tyre wise Ongaro stuck with the medium Cyclone tyre, finding it faster but edgier, whilst Baruffolo went with the medium compound Dragon tyre – reporting back that it was comfortable and safe. Both drivers are right at home on this track, neither doing much setup change, Eric Aita of RB explained the tyre testing, likening the track to that of the Euro A in 2011 in Sand, Germany, a similar kind of surface (some may recall Marcel Guske’s heroics in the last round of quali at that event running RB tyres).

Alberto Papa recovered  after performing well in practice, taking 3rd with Jeremy Pittet 4th and Alessandro Stocco 5th, Jurgen Trieb 6th, Alessandro Magi 7th, Jimmy Weimann 8th, Andrea Giorgietti, 10th Rene Kargl.

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