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12 year-old Davide Ongaro did his father Mauro proud as he topped practice on day 1 of the 2013 Euro-Bs in Sacile, Italy – his hometrack the Ongaroring hosting this year’s event, Davide improved upon fellow RB powered runner Marco Baruffulo who managed 8/5:29.98 in the afternoon’s first round of practice, Davide finding two seconds with a time of 8/5:27.24.

Timed practice Rd1 standings  | Overall after two timed rounds


 Sitting in 3rd overall Italy’s Alberto Papa, confirming a 1,2,3 and perhaps a sneaky Italian home advantage dare we say! Although perhaps its not a coincidence that all three are in fact running RB’s Automatic Damping System (ADS) suggesting the Fioroni-RB developed product is doing the business.


RB’s ADS system in use

In P4, Oscar Baldo – a driver who many have picked as a candidate on Sunday having put in a great second run to move him up, Oscar found time on the track and came within 3 secs of Baruffolo – encouraging. In 5th Erik Bottosso, Italian local ace, 6th last year’s Champion Alessandro Magi, just managed an 8 lapper in the last round. 7th Gianmarco Razzi, 8th last year’s TQ Jeremy Pittet, 9th Alessandro Stocco and 10th Matt Perry of Team GB – finding 10 seconds from Rd 1 – 2 and missing out on 8 laps by 0.5 secs – strong showing from Matt. Other notables – 13th James Le Pavoux of Guersney, 15th Tony ‘nothing but the truth’ Trueman, 16 Tom Robin, 17 Joao Lopes.


These chaps demonstrated their hot physiques in the heat. Hot

Day 1 at the Euros was a warm one with a well-stocked facility running smoothly, the track taking quite the beating but holding up well – signs suggest that it won’t break up much more with some areas rock hard. Although the weather looks promising for Saturday, Sunday is another question entirely, with thunder and rainclouds gathering on racers’ smartphone weather Apps.


The Kids, this Euros is all about the Kids

As Day Uno wound up, the traditional Opening Ceremony closed it out, with racers donning national flags and t-shirts in preparation for the slightly cheesy display of ‘European Unity’ – more Eurovision song contest than Europe’s crème de la crème of ‘B’ level racers fighting on track, but a ‘nice’ feature. In the pre-event report we highlighted our personal ‘favourite’ feature of the track – the now rather dry and sawdusted ‘swamp of death’ – whilst walking the track with Trueman and Welshman Ben Williams, Ben pointed out the various obstacles he had made slight contact with, last year’s 3rd place finisher struggling ever so slighly by his standards with what the Ongaroring and the pace of the young kids at the front – showing the others how its done…

eur_5934 eur_5933 eur_5847 eur_5738

This leaves us to close it out – a balmy Italian evening of pasta, pizza, beers and wrenching for all involved after the national anthems have died down,  join us tomorrow for four rounds of qualifying. Oh and Ricardo Monteiro, your dad is here, we promise!

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