Sacile in northern Italy hosts the 2013 European ‘B’ Championships this weekend, located about 40km north of the world famous aquatic city of Venice, the track, the Ongaroring is where 2012 Euro B Champion Alessandro Magi will be hoping he can be the first driver to successfully defend a ‘B’ title, looking to stop is a long list of talents. Arriving at the track we were pleased to see that a great deal of work and effort has been put in by the Ongaro owners and track crew, lots of facilities and spread out, not cramped – however it was clear they’ve suffered from rain recently with the mud still drying under the firey Italian sun.

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The track has a mix of surfaces, from several YouTube videos its been a loose top surface with some corners in concrete and jumps with astroturf and a ‘feature’ metal bridge, not to mention the awesome ‘swamp of death’ at the end of the straight! Whoever gets the entry totally wrong and starts cartwheeling towards it better hope their car isn’t swallowed by some aggressive swamp Koi. Speaking of all things aquatic, we very much approve of the Ongaroring’s onsite mascot – we’re calling him Terry the Track Turtle.


So who’s our tip, who’s hot and who’s drowning in the pond? Well… the kid everyones’ watching is naturally the young Mr Davide Ongaro (Mugen/RB/AKA) – he knows this track like the back of his hand, is quick and has experienced hand Carlo Jacopini wrenching on his car, joining him on the Italian posse are Marco Baruffolo, defending Champ Magi, Ale Stocco to name a few, the Frenchies have talent as well – Zak Medjoubi, Dan &  Tom Robin, Jean-P Sartel. Spain’s Oscar Baldo will surely be hungry after a strong Euro B result, RB driver Andres Marcelino has been doing well recently also, Switzerland has last year’s star Jeremy Pittet, he came oh so close to winning but just pipped in the final, Yael Zurfluh is another fast one.

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Team GB will be looking towards Ben Williams – on the podium last year, and Tony Truman – P6 in the 2012 BRCA rankings, not to mention Bradley Baird from Ireland, Robert Raphael, Max Cordts, even young Burak Kilic – truth be told there are buckets of talent and many unknown factors….

See our Track Preview photos here


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Davide Ongaro – hometrack advantage and super quick…