Cody King reports on round #5 of the Grass Roots Series was held at the Proline track in Banning California, and any race at the Proline facility is a good excuse to pack the car and head out for some fun. There was another epic layout put in by Sik Track Designs ensuring some exciting racing action. Cody has not attended enough races to compete for the title at Grass Roots, but this race was a great opportunity to get on the clock and test some things.

In the buggy class, Cody tracked Adam Drake for the first 8 minutes, then took the lead on lap 15. Cody would lead comfortably for a couple laps, however Drake would inherit the lead after Cody ran out of fuel two turns from pit lane. Unfortunately we went a little too long on the fuel stop with a slightly rich tune and hard racing early. We used a little more fuel than expected. Drake would hang on to win, with Kyosho drivers Cody Smith and Sean Gaffney in second and third respectively. Still two Kyosho cars on the podium, so that’s nice. Cody also had fast lap at 33.08 as well as fast 5 and fast 10 laps.

In the truggy class, Cody would lead out, and after a brief challenge from Matt Schreffler, basically take the lead and not look back. Seems like Cody is really on fire with the Truggy this year.

Source: Cody King RC